Wasabi or horse radish?

Wasabi is a Japanese plant that is made into a paste and served with sushi. It should be eaten in small amounts because it is very spicy. According to an article On Huffington Post, 90% of the time you think you're eating wasabi, you're actually eating horseradish. Outside of Japan wasabi is rare and is usually … Continue reading Wasabi or horse radish?


Spring Fever 

March 20th marks the first day of Spring and the last official day of Winter. This season brings big smiles, happy feelings and hopefully sunshine.  Spring Fever has hit and people are ready to bring out their shorts and flip flops and put their convertible tops down. Unfortunatley the weather doesn't always agree and it … Continue reading Spring Fever 

University of Michigan is shaken but not stirred

March means basketball season and with basketball season comes a lot of traveling for the team. The University of Michigan basketball team was traveling to Washington D.C. yesterday and had an unfortunate mishap with their plane. The high winds caused the airplane to run off the runway when it had to abort takeoff. Luckily no one was … Continue reading University of Michigan is shaken but not stirred