Fun in the sun

Summer is right around the corner which means school is out and people are looking for fun outdoor activities to keep them busy. The greatest part about the warm weather is that it opens endless amounts of activities for you. I have put together a list of some of my favorite summer activities.

  1. Go to a water park


Water parks are perfect in the middle of the summer when it is so hot that you don’t know what to do with yourself. Tropicanoe Cove is a small water park right in West Lafayette that will help you stay cool all summer.

  1. Zoo


Who doesn’t love the zoo. Imagining that it is just like Madagascar and all of the animals talk to each other and put on shows for you or that you’re like Dr. Doolittle and can talk to animals. The Columbian Park Zoo in West Lafayette is home to many animals from around the world. There is also a larger zoo in Indianapolis where you will find many more animals and exhibits.

  1. Ice cream/custard


Custard is something that I did not have in Massachusetts but is absolutely delicious. There is nothing better than eating ice cream on a hot summer day. Igloo frozen custard in Lafayette is home to over a dozen flavors with a specialty flavor each day.

  1. Hiking/Camping


Hiking and camping can be a fun weekend trip with your family or friends. Some hiking trails in West Lafayette are Happy Hollow Park and Tapawingo Park. A good place to camp if you have a camper or tent is AOK Campgrounds in Lafayette.

  1. Outdoor Concerts

Tinley Park, Illinois, Chicago and Indianapolis have dozens of concerts during the summer that are outdoors so you can enjoy the music and the sun.

  1. Road trips

As someone who hates car rides, I need to have a good reason to get in the car and endure a multiple hour car ride. Some of my favorite destinations are theme parks. I love riding roller coasters and would definitely make a weekend out of it. Here are some road trips I would take within the Midwest.


  1. Cedar Point, OH 

A four and a half hour drive away is Cedar Point which has a amusement park and a water park. Since the park is so big and the drive is a little long, it would be a great option for a fun weekend trip.

  1. Wisconsin Dells

Claimed to be the waterpark capital of the world, the Wisconsin Dells is a four hour and forty-five minute drive from Lafayette. It has go-karts, an indoor theme park, movies theaters, bowling and more.

  1. Chicago

Chicago is a fun city to walk around, site see and shop. In the summer there are plenty of outdoor activities from going to the beach to seeing the Cubs play at Wrigley field. This city would provide a weekend packed full of fun events for everyone.


While Indiana has the most unpredictable weather that I have ever experienced, it also has some of the most beautiful summer weather. So have some fun and get out in the sun.



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