Let your creativity flow

What’s better than having a wine night with your friends? Painting while you’re doing it of course. 

Last weekend I went to a wine and paint event with my friends. We went to a place in Lafayette where it cost $30 per person to paint and then you had to pay separately for your alcohol. Wine was around $6 per glass and beer was about the same. 

Upon arrival our host, Stacey was very welcoming and brought us alcohol right away. After, we went to the paint room where there were easels set up for us with all the paint and brushes we would need.


You get to chose what you’re going to paint beforehand and everyone paints the same thing with the instructor directing you on what to paint. We chose to paint a forest scene. 

The event lasted 2 hours and was endless amounts of fun. Stacey made you feel like you were painting a work of art even if it looked like a kindergartener painted it blindfolded. 

The best part about the event was how slow Stacey went and did each step slowly so that everyone could keep up. 

“Stacey brings a whimsical personality to the experience that makes you feel welcome and let’s your creativity run wild” said Alexa Goodman.

Even though everyone is painting the exact same picture, each canvas shows the personality of the artist. As Stacey said, when painting, each artist has their own signature stroke that makes every painting unique. 

Here is what my completed picture looked like. Overall this was an amazing experience that I would highly recommend. There are a couple of places in Lafayette where you can go like Painting with a Twist and Paint and Party.


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