Bring on the beer

April 7th (tomorrow) is National Beer Day. While this may seem like a made up holiday it gives you a great excuse to grab some friends and hit the bars. I found some local deals in West Lafayette for every day of the week where you can get your beers cheap.


Scotty’s Brewhouse: $6 48oz pitchers of Bud Light

Brother’s Bar and Grill: $0.50 Rolling Rocks

Jake’s Roadhouse: $4 34 oz Mega Mugs of Bud & Bud Light AND $1 16oz Domestic Draft

Where Else Bar: $0.25 Domestic Beer


Scotty’s Brewhouse: $5 48oz pitchers of Miller & Coors

Chumley’s: $3.75 Midwest Microbrews

308 on State: $2 Draft Beers and $3 Corona


Where Else Bar: $0.25 Domestic Beers

Scotty’s Brewhouse: $6 pitchers of Coors & Miller 


Neon Cactus: $1 Cactus Cup of Beer

Enough said.


Brother’s Bar and Grill: $4.50 Domestic Beer Pitchers 

Jake’s Roadhouse: $3.25 24oz Miller Light & Coors

Saturday & Sunday- you’ve reached the weekend and it’s time to have friends over and celebrate the great craft of beer with a party. If you’re buying beer make sure you do it before Sunday due to the Indiana Liquor Laws. 

Here are some cheap places to buy beer:

1. Walmart: if you’re not looking for a large selection then Walmart is your place. 

2. Meijer: has a wider selection than Walmart and also has some great IPAs available.

3. Fresh City Market: not necessarily a cheap option but has a great deal where you assemble your own six pack of beers for $8.99


No matter where you go there’s bound to be a drink special. Celebrate tomorrow safely and enjoy the foam.



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