Wasabi or horse radish?

Wasabi is a Japanese plant that is made into a paste and served with sushi. It should be eaten in small amounts because it is very spicy.

According to an article On Huffington Post, 90% of the time you think you’re eating wasabi, you’re actually eating horseradish. Outside of Japan wasabi is rare and is usually a mixture of horseradish, mustard and food coloring.

There are a few ways for you to determine whether or not your wasabi is real:

1. Real wasabi tastes more “plant-like” and is less spicy than the fake wasabi.


2. Real wasabi has a grainy looking texture because it is grated from the root.


3. Real wasabi has a less vibrant green color than fake wasabi which is usually dyed green.


The best way for you to ensure that you are getting real wasabi is to make it yourself and use wasabi root. Once you get your wasabi root, watch this video and once finished, don’t forget to enjoy your wasabi with some delicious sushi.


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