How far can you spit a cricket?

Springtime at Purdue brings many activities to campus from Grand Prix to Spring Fest. Everyone looks forward to different events during the season including one student, Lauren Lewis who is looking forward to three big events on campus.

“I love Ag week because it’s fun seeing all the farm animals on campus and I love Spring Fest because there’s just so much to do.”

Ag week is an annual event put on by the Agricultural College at Purdue. Each day of the week they have different events to bring awareness to their college and to teach people about Ag. This year it takes place from April 2nd-April 7th on Purdue’s Memorial Mall.


Here is an example of the activities that were offered last year during Ag week. This year’s events have not been released but you can keep informed with the Ag week this year by following @PurdueAgWeek on twitter where they give constant updates.

Spring Fest is another event put on by Purdue’s Agricultural College and is a free educational event open to everyone. This year there are many events to enjoy including a cricket spitting contest, face painting and animal petting.

Lauren’s favorite event during Spring Fest is the Bug Bowl. “I personally really enjoy Bug Bowl because I’m a forensic minor and it’s put on by the Forensic’s Club. There’s also a cricket spitting contest that is fun to see.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.07.56 PM

Spring is a great time for you to get outside, explore and attend one of the many events on Purdue’s Campus.


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