Thanks a lot Phil

February means it’s time for groundhog Phil to come out of his hole to see if he can see his shadow. This year Phil saw his shadow and determined that we’re going to have 6 more weeks of winter. 

Since it doesn’t feel like it is going to get warmer any time soon, here are some lovely indoor activities to help you avoid the cold. 

1. All Fired Up

I have mentioned All Fired Up before but that is because I love to go there. It’s something fun you can do with friends or on a date. They have 10% for students and an average piece will cost you $15-$18. 
2. Elite Air Trampoline Park

3832 Fortune Drive, Lafayette IN

Indoor trampoline parks cater to all ages and can provide hours of fun. This park  in Lafayette costs $10 for an hour of jumping or $18 for two hours of jumping. 
3. Visit Wabash Landing 9

300 E. State Street, West Lafayette IN

Wabash Landing 9 is one of Goodrich Theaters many theaters in West Lafayette and Lafayette. They have friendly staff, delicious popcorn (with 50 cent refills) and show good movies. 
4. Glow Golf 

2415 Sagamore Parkway South, Lafayette IN (Tippecanoe Mall)

Indoor glow mini golf is a very fun way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon. This just opened up and is located in the Tippecanoe mall.  It costs $9 per each adult to play. 
5. An Event with Purdue Convos

Held in various locations on Purdue’s campus

Purdue Convocations (convos) holds dozens of events every year. From musicals to concerts and TEDx speakers Purdue Convos has a wide variety of shows that will cater to everyone’s interests. This month they have events with Cage the Elephant, Taj Express, TEDx Purdue, RENT, Tenthing and Bryce Vine. 

So this weekend when the temperatures are in the 30s and 40s go try one of these indoor activities to make you forgot it snowed yesterday.


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