Out with the old

Is this Big 10 Football? Do we have a pulse? Then let’s play football.

“You’re only going to be as good as the people around you. Not only are they great coaches. A lot of them have been great players. A lot of them have coached at a very high level. Every one of them loves to be here. But they are good people. And I do believe that that’s what you have to surround yourself with is good people that want to do it the right way. That aren’t about it for just themselves but for the young men that are on their team and they want to do it the right way” said Purdue Head Football Coach, Jeff Brohm.

Today, The National Football Foundation Joe Tiller Chapter held a meet the coach event for chapter members and their guests. This event featured new Purdue Football Head Coach Jeff Brohm and his assistant coaches, the “Brohm Squad”.

This event was a chance for the new coaching staff to interact with the community and share their goals for the team. The entire staff was very warm and friendly and welcomed any questions or comments from the crowd.

Jeff Brohm’s speech focused on what his team is going to do differently this upcoming season and emphasized the importance of having good coaches who love the game. “I do believe coaching makes a difference” said Jeff Brohm “Yes talent is important but coaching makes a difference.”

After the speeches were over, I walked around to some of the coaching staff and asked them to sign my hat. A lot of them were surprised and responded in a joking tone  “I don’t know why you’d want my signature, it’s not worth anything.”

It was refreshing to see how excited and happy the new staff was to be here. We get to see Brohm and the squad in action on April 8th at 1pm for the annual spring football game.

Boiler Up and let’s play football.

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