Purdue Football heading to a Championship?

Today is a big day for football fans everywhere but an even bigger day for Greater Lafayette, Indiana and Purdue Football fans. For the 18th year in a row, the Boilermakers are sending not one, but two players to the Super Bowl.

This record is second to Nebraska who has sent a player to the Super Bowl for 24 consecutive years. In an article I found by The Exponent they highlight the football careers of former Boilermaker players, safety Ricardo Allen of the Atlanta Falcons and defensive end Rob Ninkovich of the New England Patriots.

Even if you are not a football fan, there are still ways you can display your Purdue pride. With the Super Bowl kickoff happening in less than 2 hours, here are some ways you can support your Boilers.

  • Watch the game- If you don’t already have a Super Bowl party to go to, try watching the game at one of these local Lafayette hotspots.


  • Host a party- Order some pizzas, invite some friends and cheer on Allen and Ninkovich.


  • Decorate your apartment- Display your Boilermaker pride by hanging up some Purdue decorations that you can find at any Purdue bookstore.


  • Wear your Purdue gear- Throw on your favorite Purdue t-shirt or hat to show where your loyalties lie. You can get some great ideas from @repPurdue.


Regardless of how you spend your football Sunday, have fun and Boiler Up!


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